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Hello there Netduino-Community!

I'm proud to show you my new little baby:
The NeonMika.Webserver.ClientLibrary (I have to get shorter names :D)
as well as the NeonMika.NetduinoControl.

This library supports to write client apps for the desktop for Netduino projects that use NeonMika.Webserver.
It was coded pretty straight forwarded because I didn't have that much time, but it works pretty well and should be easy to use.

In addition to the class library, I also wrote an application which allows to use all in-built webmethods of NeonMika.Webserver to control it.
You can find the code for the client library here:

The code for NeonMika.Webserver you can find here:
And the forum thread here:

I hope this will help a lot of people who want to communicate with their Netduinos over ethernet. :)

I appreciate every feedback.

Greets, Markus

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